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Storytelling sessions 

Let us tell you a story… or two… or three! We've gathered a team of masterful storytellers to enrich your stay in Latvia with tales of this tiny but great Northern country's past, present and future potential. 

Local Guide Connections

These talented souls will gladly accompany you for a guided walk or coffee or schedule a dedicated talk to deepen your understanding of and connection to Latvia. 

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Lore Masters

As educated historians, our storytellers are well versed in local and regional history and how it has shaped the Latvia of today. 

Real Insiders

They also have plenty of surprising insights on lesser known aspects of the land and its gifted people. 

Your storytelling decision

The choice of topic is yours but we have several suggested narratives that you can pick and mix

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Journey through centuries of Latvian history

A deep dive into the story of Latvia and Latvians from the moment of our ancestors' arrival on this land near the Baltic Sea many moons ago. You'll learn of the Latvian people's strength, resilience and value system on the road to independence and beyond.

Celebrating famous Latvians: from photographer Philippe Halsman to artist Mark Rothko

Latvians are behind several renowned inventions, discoveries and creations you may recognize. Without a Latvian, for example, jeans wouldn't be what they are. Learn about just some of the achievements in this insightful talk peppered with surprises! 

Latvian culture: the rich history of the Latvian Song and Dance Festival

Every five years, over 40,000 singers, dancers and musicians flock to Riga from across the country for 10 days of celebrating our heritage. In 2023, the tradition celebrated its 150th anniversary. How did it arise and what does it mean to Latvians? 

Hidden places in Riga and other cities across Latvia

Our storytellers open minds, hearts and doors. Thanks to our tight network, we can secure access to spaces not usually open to the public. Every visit will come with the unique story of the place and its significance. 

On The Practical Side of Things

We'll discuss the duration of the talk at the time of booking. We'll also agree on the best time and setting for the talk as it can be integrated with other activities or held as a separate event at the clients' place of accommodation or another venue, which we can recommend.

An introduction to the history of Latvia, for example, may be the ideal way to start a trip, while a talk about famous locals could be excellent to listen to over dinner one day.

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Contact Us for a Quote

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Storytelling Sessions

  • Meet a historian for coffee, a walk, or standalone talks on Latvia's complex past, its impact on today, and diverse topics of your choice.

Ethnic Retreats

  • Experience the energy you seek through ancestral practices and Northern nature in Latvia's serene countryside.

Engaging Activities

  • Immerse in Latvia's culture with hands-on workshops, food tastings, and guided expeditions. Explore beyond Riga, connect with nature and inspiring locals.

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Your guide to Latvia

Crafting Unique Journeys

Hello, I'm Sindija, a Latvian Travel Designer.


SPALVA, meaning "Feather," reflects my journey from Event Architect to crafting unique adventures in Latvia. With 15 years of experience, I blend luxury and wilderness, offering carefully choreographed journeys through medieval towns and Latvia's untouched landscapes.


Join us for exclusive experiences that connect you with the soul of Latvia. 

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