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Engaging activities

Whether you have hours or days, we'll create a fully customized itinerary to help you truly experience Latvia's heritage, customs, and nature.

Sensory enrichment experiences

Our programs may involve exploring the great outdoors, tasting local flavors, or discovering new sounds. The experience will certainly engage several senses.

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Nouveau Tribute Dinners

  • Art Nouveau themed dinners inspired by and held in honor of Riga's impressive collection of buildings in this decorative style

Hands-On Craft Workshops

  • Engaging arts and crafts workshops, such as making traditional leather footwear, ethnic jewelry, or reduction fired ceramics

Master Baker Insights

  • Baking time-honored rye bread and pies, getting insider tips and tricks from the master baker

Latvian Libations Delight

  • Savoring Latvian wine, beer, and cider nurtured by a growing number of creative local entrepreneurs

Wild Harvest Adventure

  • Foraging for mushrooms and berries under the guidance of knowledgeable locals with the best recipes for cooking up a wild feast

Sound Harmony

  • Meditating to the sounds of drums and the kokle – a traditional string instrument

Fruitful Farm Exploration

  • Visiting contemporary farmers harvesting the likes of the nutrient-rich sea buckthorn and blackcurrant and finding new applications for their fruit

Hemp Farm Experience

  • Meeting hemp growers, touring their gardens and tasting the produce range from oil to beer and candy

Coastal Hike Adventure

  • Venturing into the woods, meadows and marshes and hiking along the Baltic Sea via the vast network of well-marked trails

Folk Dance Immersion

  • Engage in exhilarating folk dance masterclasses that offer a unique opportunity to learn traditional dance forms

Countryside Horse Therapy

  • Experience the transformative and healing power of horse therapy amidst the serene and unspoiled landscapes of the Latvian countryside

Herbal Healing Getaways

  • Restorative retreats rooted in the local pirts (sauna) culture and Latvians' knowledge of the power of plants

We'll arrange any transfers, accommodation and meals

For a glimpse of life beyond Riga and a deeper wilderness experience, explore these activities in Latvia. We'll arrange transfers based on budget and preferences, be it by public transport, bike or Tesla.

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We also suggest spending a few nights outside Riga. Our team will hand-pick a cozy rural guest house, elegant manor house, or low-key campsite. Should clients wish to enjoy an even closer connection to nature, we can arrange sleeping in tents or hammocks too.

For any experiences lasting longer than several hours, we'll plan meals, hosting them outside when possible and ensuring that they showcase the finest local ingredients, such as vitamin-rich birch sap and rhubarb in spring, and fresh-from-the forest berries and mushrooms in summer.

We'll always start by getting to know you

The first step is to discuss clients wishes, availability and any strict nos. We won't make any bookings before establishing them.

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Storytelling Sessions

  • Meet a historian for coffee, a walk, or standalone talks on Latvia's complex past, its impact on today, and diverse topics of your choice.

Ethnic Retreats

  • Experience the energy you seek through ancestral practices and Northern nature in Latvia's serene countryside.

Engaging Activities

  • Immerse in Latvia's culture with hands-on workshops, food tastings, and guided expeditions. Explore beyond Riga, connect with nature and inspiring locals.

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Your guide to Latvia

Crafting Unique Journeys

Hello, I'm Sindija, a Latvian Travel Designer.


SPALVA, meaning "Feather," reflects my journey from Event Architect to crafting unique adventures in Latvia. With 15 years of experience, I blend luxury and wilderness, offering carefully choreographed journeys through medieval towns and Latvia's untouched landscapes.


Join us for exclusive experiences that connect you with the soul of Latvia. 

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