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Ethnic-inspired retreats

An invigorating Latvian-style retreat for the body, mind, and soul, guided by centuries-old ancestral practices and the pure Northern nature.

Mindful Latvian Retreats

Our “menu” of retreats in Latvia includes folkloric rituals, workshops, and treatments, from which we create 100% bespoke itineraries rooted in the principles of mindfulness and slow living.

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Herbal Crafting Experience

Embark on an enlightening journey by meeting with a knowledgeable herbalist, where you'll delve deep into the enchanting world of the local flora and gain profound insights into their healing properties.

Sauna Sensation

Indulging in the Latvian pirts (sauna) ritual – a multisensory experience guided by professional pirts masters trained in making the most of the contrasting temperatures. This intensely satisfying body and mind cleansing practice can take around three to four hours per person

Ancient Power Songs

Learning and listening to Latvian “power songs” or the ancient folk verses, which have guided our people and way of life for centuries, revealing insight into our traditions and respect for nature's rhythms

Latvian Symbol Exploration

Delving into the world of ancient Latvian symbols to unlock the meaning of this intricate and beautiful “sign language” seen in traditional knitwear, linens and tableware

We'll take care of transfers, accommodation and meals

We recommend exploring retreats outside Riga, Latvia, to experience life beyond the capital and immerse in scenic wilderness. We'll organize transfers based on your budget and preferences, using public transport, bikes, or Teslas.

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Time permitting, we encourage spending a few nights outside Riga. Our team knows wonderful rural guest houses surrounded by soothing nature to add to the restorative experience, and we can also arrange comfortable camping in tents or hammocks. 

For any experiences lasting longer than several hours, we'll always arrange meals, hosting them outside when possible and ensuring that they showcase the finest local ingredients, such as vitamin-rich birch sap and rhubarb in spring, and fresh-from-the forest berries and mushrooms in summer.

A few things to note

We'll discuss wishes, availability, and any strict nos before making any bookings. 


While we don't aim for our experiences to be physically demanding, we can always adapt the level of intensity. 

For anyone keen to try the pirts, they should know that the experience is best enjoyed naked. Having worked with many bodies over the years, our pirts masters will help clients feel at ease. Please also keep in mind that the pirts ritual embraces water and temperature contrasts.

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Storytelling Sessions

  • Meet a historian for coffee, a walk, or standalone talks on Latvia's complex past, its impact on today, and diverse topics of your choice.

Ethnic Retreats

  • Experience the energy you seek through ancestral practices and Northern nature in Latvia's serene countryside.

Engaging Activities

  • Immerse in Latvia's culture with hands-on workshops, food tastings, and guided expeditions. Explore beyond Riga, connect with nature and inspiring locals.

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Your guide to Latvia

Crafting Unique Journeys

Hello, I'm Sindija, a Latvian Travel Designer.


SPALVA, meaning "Feather," reflects my journey from Event Architect to crafting unique adventures in Latvia. With 15 years of experience, I blend luxury and wilderness, offering carefully choreographed journeys through medieval towns and Latvia's untouched landscapes.


Join us for exclusive experiences that connect you with the soul of Latvia. 

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