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Your guide to Latvia

Our mission at SPALVA is for you to feel like a guest and friend, not a fleeting tourist, no matter the length of your stay. 

For us, personalization is key to ensuring a genuine connection with the place and its people. This is why we design 100% bespoke programs, not ready-made, off-the-shelf package tours. 

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What we do

Guided by our clients' wishes, visions and interests, we craft programs based on one of three angles or a mix: 

1. Storytelling Sessions

Meeting a historian over coffee, for a walk or as a standalone activity to hear stories of Latvia's complicated but fascinating past and how it has led the nation to where we are now. The talk can focus on historical facts, traditions, Latvians who have achieved great things or a topic of your choice. 

Spalva pirma lapa Our mission at SPALVA is for you to feel like a guest and friend, not a
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2. Ethnic-inspired Retreats

A rejuvenating multisensory experience driven by centuries-old ancestral practices and the pure Northern nature and designed to bring you the emotions and energy you seek. This indulgent retreat is best enjoyed in the beautiful, serene and soothing Latvian countryside to amplify its effects. 

3. Engaging Activities

Getting a real feel for Latvia and local lifestyles through hands-on activities like crafts workshops, food and beverage tastings and guided foraging expeditions. We highly recommend using the opportunity to see more of Latvia beyond the capital city Riga, to venture into the wild and engage with inspiring souls who make a living off the land. 

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Latvian Chronicles: Nature and Culture

Dive into the rich heritage and natural beauty of Latvia with our blog series, where each post brings you closer to discovering its charm.

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Your guide to Latvia

Crafting Unique Journeys

Hello, I'm Sindija, a Latvian Travel Designer.


SPALVA, meaning "Feather," reflects my journey from Event Architect to crafting unique adventures in Latvia. With 15 years of experience, I blend luxury and wilderness, offering carefully choreographed journeys through medieval towns and Latvia's untouched landscapes.


Join us for exclusive experiences that connect you with the soul of Latvia. 

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